About FURDER Drive Technology

Zhejiang FURDER Drive Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor integrating R&D, designing, manufacturing, selling and after-sales service. Since establishment, the company, adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Pursuing Excellence and Perfection”, has devoted itself to combining advanced European manufacturing techniques of permanent magnet drive with Chinese people’s intelligence and diligence. And aimed at three development strategies for quality products, services and localization, it insists on the development ideas starting at height and for quality products. In June, 2015, the company joined top European tractor company to form strategic partnership in technical resources sharing. For products design, advanced European electromagnetic design schemes are adopted and via 3D simulation and finite element analysis software, unstable factors in tractor electromagnetic system, mechanical and control system matching are minimized. This effectively improves tractor’s operating efficiency and comfort.


Currently, the company produces tractors including high-speed elevator, medical service elevator, haute protection elevator used under specific circumstances, goods elevator, small machine room, machine roomless, home elevator, steel belt main engine and others. Their outline shape designing includes compact inner rotor structure, ultrathin outer rotor structure, inner-rotor support-free compound wound and outer-rotor double-support structure. The products are small-sized, light and convenient to install and maintain, also characteristic of weak vibration, low noise, high protection grade (IP54), brake exempt from maintenance and others. Customers will use safe, comfortable, energy-saving and environment-friendly products at site.


FURDER has established technical cooperation partnership with leader supplier of traction system in European elevator industry一 Spain Cologne Co.,Ltd.,and they have deep cooperation in R&D,technical integration and support and others.
Spain Cologne Co.,Ltd.is a traction system manufacturer driving its industrial development with quality products and competitive price.Since establishment in 1995,the company has played prominent role in revolutionary innovation of traction system.The creative solution researched and developed by Cologne company for ten years with Belgium Bell Carter Group,which is based on using synchronous gearless traction motor and embedded rope,has been for over 1000 installations all over the world.By continuously improving and innovating products,Cologne company is competitive as compared with the other European tractor manufacturers.With the exclusivity agreement with Belgium Bell Carter Group,Cologne possesses this solution exclusively, which makes it the leading supplier of traction system in European elevator industry.

European R & D center

Founders: Dr. Santiago · Amiano born in 1946 and later received a doctorate enter Otis (OTIS) company, subsequently became OTIS Europe hoisting machine brake department and technical director.
In 1990, Santiago left Otis, start a business, set up their own R & D center hoisting machine brake: KRON BRAKE AND TRACTION INNOVATION, SL, Cologne brakes and traction Innovation Center, and began to lift the European manufacturers It provides advanced traction and braking solutions.
Cologne traction and braking traction and braking R & D center for innovative programs, committed to providing the most secure and reliable traction and braking solutions so far, customer R & D center in Cologne have included several major European lift production Suppliers (Shindler, Orona, Siemens and Otis).



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