Huzhou in Zhejiang Province Nanxun known as “lift,” and the reputation of the elevator industry is an important part of the key support for Nanxun development of strategic emerging industries in the Yangtze River Delta region and the country market, occupies a pivotal position.

In 2011, total production of Nanxun elevator machine 35,000 units, accounting for 1/3 of Zhejiang lift the whole production, the country’s nearly 1/10; achieve the output value of 4.14 billion yuan Regulations, up 23.5%; sales revenue of 42.2 billion yuan, up 35.7%. Even in very serious impact of the current international and domestic economic situation, Nanxun elevator industry still maintained a sales booming. In the first quarter, the elevator industry output growth reached 24.3%, an increase compared to the same period last year improved by 7 percentage points, compared to last year’s output of major elevator companies, profits, profit increase in more than 15%, and overall good development trend.

By the end of 2011, a total of Nanxun elevator and supporting more than 80 manufacturers. Wherein the elevator machine manufacturers 24, 12 above-scale enterprises, various types of supporting parts and accessories manufacturers nearly 60, employing more than 6,000 people, formed from the hoisting machine, machinery parts, elevator decoration of elevator parts manufacturing to machine manufacturing industry chain. Saving Nanxun elevator industry demonstration bases selected the first batch of provincial industrial demonstration bases, Nanxun Economic Development Zone Industrial Park elevator was identified as “Zhejiang Zone brand characteristics Park”, the initial formation of industrial clusters.

Another big advantage Nanxun elevator products that many species grade range. Products covered escalators, automatic walkways, passenger elevators, escalators tourism, bed lifts, service lifts six categories of various grades of low high school, exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and more than 30 domestic provinces and autonomous regions.

In 2011, more than Nanxun elevator scale enterprises amounted to implement all kinds of more than 100 science and technology projects, the development of new products amounted to 21 provincial. GiantKONE first in the country to open up a “academicians and experts workstation” precedent; Ma Extension driver has successfully developed the first Huzhou City has completely independent intellectual property rights of permanent magnet AC synchronous gearless elevator traction machine successfully rewritten Huzhou no elevator industry “heart” of history.

In recent years, Nanxun elevator companies around the bigger and stronger this article to speed up the restructuring, the transformation, the joint venture, the pace of cooperation with the Finnish giant KONE’s success hand in hand to achieve leapfrog development of the enterprise; GiantKONE also through equity transfer, has taken an important step in the strategic transformation. Rhine elevator wholly acquired the German Rhine Elevator Co., Ltd., accelerating the internationalization, the Group of the development process. Export markets to move from low-end market, exports from Asia to Europe regions to develop, extend, and further expand the international market.

Only enterprises bigger and stronger, in order to have the market’s “voice” in order to cast the century-old heritage. To achieve bigger and stronger, we must further accelerate the pace of market, GiantKONE Nanxun has entered the pool of listed companies to cultivate, strive for the early realization of Huzhou in Zhejiang and the whole elevator companies listed “zero breakthrough.”

Innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for sustainable development. The next few years, a new generation of green elevators, and intelligent energy-saving elevator lift elevator mainstream products. To further accelerate the development, bigger and stronger, we must build on the “high end” line shift from “low-end” products, only high-tech, high value-added products to the market competitive. Giant KONE created the first workstations academicians and experts, and has awarded the World Expo China Shipbuilding (600150 share it, Quotes, Information, main trading) Museum and the Museum of the Kingdom of Sweden elevator project. Vaux self-developed villa elevator “permanent magnet synchronous” the country’s leading technology, energy saving, environmental performance and low noise, long life and other characteristics as other less elevators, “permanent magnet synchronous” technology has become the gold elevator Vaux signs and the holy grail.

In recent years, an increasing number of enterprises Nanxun elevator parts, elevator parts localization trend to accelerate, industry chain gradually elongated. GiantKONE adhere to one-third of manufacturing, seven maintenance concept, to achieve the enterprise more than 50% of profits from the latter part of maintenance and service, moving toward the production of services. Through joint efforts, the progressive realization of the elevator industry, the key components of the core high-tech production extending from a single machine manufacturing to high value-added, a set of R & D in the country, parts manufacturing, service, logistics and sales of elevators industry R & D base and production characteristics of industrial clusters with a complete industrial chain, and strive to ensure that in 2012 the elevator industry output value exceeded 50 billion yuan, an increase of more than 20%, by 2016 sales revenue exceeded 24 billion yuan.

Nanxun elevator industry as a strategic new industry, the most important part, but also the district government object of major support, the Government will provide the most attentive service, “cherish their own eyes cherish every business as” Nanxun elevator efforts to promote the great development. On land, electricity, financial, human and other elements of protection, giving priority to the elevator industry is inclined to further strengthen the “service is the first advantage” concept, optimize the approval process, improve efficiency, to boost the development of enterprises.